How to Check if the Laptop Fan is Working?

Have you been using your laptop a lot lately and now you feel like it’s been acting up? Well, you are not the first. Laptops often get overworked and start throwing a bunch of problems at you.

One of the most common problems that we often face is the laptop fan not working properly. But figuring out the real problem with the fan can be quite frustrating sometimes. There could be numerous reasons as to why the fan might not be working properly, so here is a quick guide to find out exactly what the problem is and how to fix it.

How to Check if the Laptop Fan is Working?

Laptop Fan Quick Fix Guide

When we run programs on our laptops, the system starts to heat up as the load increases. Laptops use a fan or sometimes multiple fans to keep the core temperature of the system down. The fan inside of our laptop helps keep the airflow going, there are often vents on either side of the laptop from where the air keeps flowing out.

When you first start the laptop, the fan runs at a very slow speed but after the laptop gets to its normal usage, the fan speed begins to climb up and you can also hear the sound of the fan getting louder and louder as the temperature climbs higher. It makes sure that the system doesn’t get overheated which results in the laptop getting restarted or the apps getting crashed abruptly.

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How to Figure out the Problem?

If you think there’s some problem with your laptop’s fan but you don’t exactly know what it is. Here are some of the things that you can do to figure out what the problem might be.

Fan Noise

Once you start your laptop, you should be able to listen to a very slow noise from the fan’s propeller. If you can’t listen to it at first just give your laptop some time to get to its normal usage. You can make sure by booting up some of the apps that use more ram and let it run for a few minutes. This should increase the speed of your laptop’s fan and in turn, it should also increase the intensity of sound coming out of the laptop.

If you still can’t listen to the noise of your fan, you should move into some silent room to make sure that you can properly hear it. If you still can’t hear anything, chances are your fan might be broken or not starting at all.

Make sure the Air is Flowing

How to Check if the Laptop Fan is Working?

Now if you have tried the above method and you can hear the noise coming out of the laptop. Great! your laptop fan is not broken but there is still one more thing you need to do. You need to check if the airflow is not being obstructed by anything and the way you do this is, put your hand close enough to the side of the laptop where the vent is located, you should be able to feel the air coming out of the vent.

Now if you can hear the sound but can’t feel the air, chances are the vents of your laptops are probably obstructed.

Check the Settings

Lastly, if you are still unsure what the problem might be, you should check out the settings on your PC. You can use a third party application like MSI afterburner to increase the speed of your laptop’s fan and see if it’s working. Depending on the speed of your laptop’s fan, if it is running too fast, you can decrease the speed but make sure that your CPU doesn’t get overheated or if your CPU is overheating, you can bump up the speed of your laptop’s fan.

Quick Fixes

Now that you know what the problem is, let me share with you some quick fixes to each of the problems.

1 – Broken Fan

You need to open up your laptop panel and check if the fan actually is broken. It might not be broken, but stuck or loosened up. In this case just tighten it up or unstuck it and close up the laptop once again. But if the fan is broken, you’d have to replace it with a new one.

2 – Obstructed Ventilation

Secondly, if you can hear the noise but can’t feel the air flowing out of the vents. The ventilation is probably obstructed and in order to fix it, you would need to use a blower to clean up the vent of the laptop.

3 – Get Rid of System Errors

You can easily find out any problems related to the software of your device using any third party application that shows the stats of your device. MSI Afterburner, for instance, lets you check the stats of your device hardware and lets you change the settings which also includes changing the speed of your laptop’s fan.


The hardware of your laptop is vulnerable to many problems but there are a number of quick fixes that you can use based on the problem you are facing. I hope this guide gives you some basic understanding of finding the problems related to your laptop’s fan and also the solutions that you can use to quickly fix these problems.

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